MSc. Entrepreneurship | 2018 – 2020
As a Master’s student in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship, I was able to apply my theoretical knowledge in a practical setting through participation in numerous projects with GU Ventures and the development of startup processes for small businesses. The program emphasized the startup phase and provided opportunities for hands-on learning through collaboration with real startups.

BSc. Management | 2015 – 2018
As a Bachelor’s student of Business Administration, I focused my coursework on management theory and supplemented my studies with courses in international economics, statistics, and finance. This provided me with a well-rounded understanding of key business principles. It also equipped me with a diverse set of skills that I utilize today in a variety of professional settings, such as project leadership, project planning, and business management.

Exchange Semester | 2017
During my exchange semester (St. Catharines, Canada) for my Bachelor’s degree in Management, I had the opportunity to study entrepreneurship and organizational behavior at Brock University in St. Catharines. The semester was a very educational experience, and I gained valuable knowledge in collaborating with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. This skill is particularly valuable in today’s globalized business world and has been a great asset to me as I continued to work in an international organization.

Certificate of Business | 2013 – 2014
Following high school, I spent a year at Santa Barbara City College in California (USA), where I studied marketing, PR, and business. This experience not only provided me with a solid foundation in these fields, but also gave me the opportunity to live, work, and collaborate with people from different cultural backgrounds. The year abroad has been valuable in helping me develop adaptability and cultural awareness, which is useful as I strive to continue to work in diverse professional settings.

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