Author: Oscar Hanson

  • Moving Day for Simon!

    Moving Day for Simon!

    Today I helped my friend Simon to move into his own new apartment! A really nice place up on Masthugget in Gothenburg, great view and close to the city center. Having carried all the furniture up the statues, the was no elevator, we celebrated with some pizza. When the evening came we opened a few […]

  • Liseberg with my colleagues

    Liseberg with my colleagues

    Today was a fun day! Some colleagues of mine and I decided to go to Liseberg after work and do some “5-kamp”. With the whole entertainment park prepared for Halloween, it was a really cozy feeling walking around in there, and of course we hit a few roller coasters as well! Oh, and I won […]

  • Don’t Be A Laggard In Pharma R&D – A Marketing Perspective

    Don’t Be A Laggard In Pharma R&D – A Marketing Perspective

    In all industries, companies compete with each other. First to market with something new usually means a larger piece of the cake when the product hits the shelf. Being first, and especially in the pharma industry, is a game changer as it often equals patents, increased brand recognition, and long term monetary benefits as a […]

  • Last day of Strategy Week

    Last day of Strategy Week

    Today is the last day of Strategy Week at Captario. We had to do it virtually this time, but next time I hope we’ll be together physically! It’s been a most giving week in aligning everyone within the company so that we are on the same page in regards to our company strategy, what our […]

  • The Nobel Kräftskiva

    The Nobel Kräftskiva

    And so, the yearly kräftskiva with my old ensemble from the year of Alfred Nobel has come to an end. This year we spent at my family’s beach house in Träslövsläge, and what a great time we had! Lots of games, laughter, and even a high quality tournament a la “Robinson 2021”. Of course, my […]

  • El Catrin Destilería | Toronto

    El Catrin Destilería | Toronto

    It was during 2017 that I found this place, El Catrin Destilería. On a vacation/preparation trip for me moving to Canada and attend Brock University, we ended up in Toronto. And there, when exploring the distillery district, we found El Catrin. We were seated outside on the patio, and in the middle of all the […]

  • Dadong 大东 | Beijing

    Dadong 大东 | Beijing

    It was during fall 2014 that I got the opportunity to travel to China and Beijing together with my stepfather Fredrik on a business trip. During that time I had just failed on getting accepted to Handelshögskolan in Göteborg, so my schedule was wide open. So when he asked me if I waned to come […]

  • Emanuels’s Pea Soup | Uppsala

    Emanuels’s Pea Soup | Uppsala

    It was in the beginning of 2020 that I hopped on a train and went to Uppsala to spend the weekend with my oldest friend Emanuel. We have known each other since we were 10 years old, so our friendship is currently 17 years and counting! Anyhow, when I arrived Emanuel and his girlfriend Olivia […]

  • Sweet Chick | New York City

    Sweet Chick | New York City

    Chicken and waffles. Yes, you read correctly. At Sweet Chick, it’s the most natural combination in the world. And it should be, because it’s great! The owner John Seymour, backed by the rapper Nas, are daily delivering good food and teaches us that a sweet and savory combination is the way to go. It was […]

  • Blender’s In the Grass | Santa Barbara

    Blender’s In the Grass | Santa Barbara

    Founded in 1994, Blender’s In the Grass have since then offered high quality juices, smoothies, and bowls to its customers in the Santa Barbara region. When I moved there in 2013 to study, one of the highlights during any day would be to go down to Blender’s and have basically anything from their menu. It […]