Don’t Be A Laggard In Pharma R&D – A Marketing Perspective

In all industries, companies compete with each other. First to market with something new usually means a larger piece of the cake when the product hits the shelf. Being first, and especially in the pharma industry, is a game changer as it often equals patents, increased brand recognition, and long term monetary benefits as aContinue reading “Don’t Be A Laggard In Pharma R&D – A Marketing Perspective”

El Catrin Destilería | Toronto

It was during 2017 that I found this place, El Catrin Destilería. On a vacation/preparation trip for me moving to Canada and attend Brock University, we ended up in Toronto. And there, when exploring the distillery district, we found El Catrin. We were seated outside on the patio, and in the middle of all theContinue reading “El Catrin Destilería | Toronto”

Sweet Chick | New York City

Chicken and waffles. Yes, you read correctly. At Sweet Chick, it’s the most natural combination in the world. And it should be, because it’s great! The owner John Seymour, backed by the rapper Nas, are daily delivering good food and teaches us that a sweet and savory combination is the way to go. It wasContinue reading “Sweet Chick | New York City”

Blender’s In the Grass | Santa Barbara

Founded in 1994, Blender’s In the Grass have since then offered high quality juices, smoothies, and bowls to its customers in the Santa Barbara region. When I moved there in 2013 to study, one of the highlights during any day would be to go down to Blender’s and have basically anything from their menu. ItContinue reading “Blender’s In the Grass | Santa Barbara”

Understanding Captario & Pharma Portfolio Management – With the Help of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Since starting at Captario, I have been introduced into a world I had very little previous knowledge about, the pharma industry. Although learning new things every day, I still haven’t be able to formulate my standard response to whenever somebody asks me “Where do you work?” So I thought I would try explaining it inContinue reading “Understanding Captario & Pharma Portfolio Management – With the Help of the Marvel Cinematic Universe”