Author: Oscar Hanson

  • Knowledge is Knowing a Tomato is a Fruit

    Knowledge is Knowing a Tomato is a Fruit

    The other day, I saw this image on Pinterest, which caught my attention. The image outlines four ways of understanding a tomato and depicts it accordingly: In a nutshell, this depiction tells us that there are levels to utilizing and understanding knowledge, and that there is value to be found if we look beyond the initial piece […]

  • Skitrip!


    This weekend me and my friends drove off to Sälen, a place up north in Sweden, to ski some. We were lucky, as the weather was perfect. And with restrictions taken away the day before we went up, the afterski party was something I won’t forget any time soon! Good friends, good food, lots of […]

  • New Years in Brastad!

    New Years in Brastad!

    Happy New Year! What was originally going to be a Nee Years celebration in Oslo, ended up in Simons cabin up in Brastad. But what a great New Years it was! The food was fantastic, the company even better, I could not ask for more. Thank you so much to all my friends for making […]

  • Augmented Intelligence – Combining the Human and the Artificial Mind

    Augmented Intelligence – Combining the Human and the Artificial Mind

    In recent years, the exponential boom of Artificial Intelligence has given the world many new technological advancements, and is considered a potential disruptor to basically any industry you can think of. While previously thought of as merely a way of replacing monotonous human labor, companies are now pivoting their initial view of where the true […]

  • Christmas Party

    Christmas Party

    This week Captario invited all of us employees to a Christmas dinner at Fiskekrogen in Gothenburg. The food was really good, and it was nice to have most of the Captarians gathered at the same place for once!

  • Weekend in Stockholm!

    Weekend in Stockholm!

    This weekend I hopped on a train together with Simon, Philip, Julius and Maja to go to Stockholm and visit Jacob and Karin. What a great weekend! Friday night was spent at Jacob and Karin’s with a party, Saturday we went downtown and out to Skansen for some Christmas market experiences! Being a curious group, […]

  • A Visit To the Opera

    A Visit To the Opera

    Yesterday me and my friends David, Marcus and Simon went to the Opera in Gothenburg to see the musical “Kärlek Skonar Ingen”, awith a story based on the music of local music legend Håkan Hellström. And ales all thought it was great! Afterwards we headed to Andra Långgatan for some typical pub crawls. Overall, a […]

  • Premiere!


    This weekend it was the premiere of the School Musical “Margaret Thatcher – The Story of a Bridge” that I have written together with my dear friends Simon Easterling, David Ekelund, and Marcus Andersson! Having working on the script for almost a year, it was a great feeling seeing all the characters come to life […]

  • Sour Milk, Uncertainty, & the Mpemba Effect

    Sour Milk, Uncertainty, & the Mpemba Effect

    Named after Tanzanian boy Erasto Bartholomeo Mpemba, the Mpemba Effect is the observation that a liquid, typically water, which is hot can freeze faster than the same liquid which begins cold, with all other conditions kept equal. After many years of debating the phenomenon, experts have finally landed in the conclusion that hot water doesn’t usually freeze faster than cold water, but will under […]

  • Moving Day for Simon!

    Moving Day for Simon!

    Today I helped my friend Simon to move into his own new apartment! A really nice place up on Masthugget in Gothenburg, great view and close to the city center. Having carried all the furniture up the statues, the was no elevator, we celebrated with some pizza. When the evening came we opened a few […]