Augmented Intelligence – Combining the Human and the Artificial Mind

In recent years, the exponential boom of Artificial Intelligence has given the world many new technological advancements, and is considered a potential disruptor to basically any industry you can think of. While previously thought of as merely a way of replacing monotonous human labor, companies are now pivoting their initial view of where the trueContinue reading “Augmented Intelligence – Combining the Human and the Artificial Mind”

Sour Milk, Uncertainty, & the Mpemba Effect

Named after Tanzanian boy Erasto Bartholomeo Mpemba, the Mpemba Effect is the observation that a liquid, typically water, which is hot can freeze faster than the same liquid which begins cold, with all other conditions kept equal. After many years of debating the phenomenon, experts have finally landed in the conclusion that hot water doesn’t usually freeze faster than cold water, but will underContinue reading “Sour Milk, Uncertainty, & the Mpemba Effect”