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Founded in 1994, Blender’s In the Grass have since then offered high quality juices, smoothies, and bowls to its customers in the Santa Barbara region. When I moved there in 2013 to study, one of the highlights during any day would be to go down to Blender’s and have basically anything from their menu. It all tasted great! Always fresh, always quick. However, there were three things that caught my interest a tad more than the rest, and here they are. Almost impossible to fail, you simply put all the ingredients in a blender, and you’re done!

Tropical Guava Smoothie

10 oz guava juice
2 scoops strawberries
1 piece banana
1 scoop fro-yo
1 scoop pineapple sherbert
1 scoop ice

Blue Apple Smoothie

8 oz apple juice
2 scoops blueberries
1 piece banana
1 scoop fro-yo
1 scoop raspberry sherbert
1 scoop ice

Acai Bowl

2.5 oz apple juice
2 individual strawberries
1 piece banana
2 scoops acai

Z of honey
6 slices of banana

While the smoothies are very fresh and nice to drink on the go, the Acai bowl is perfect for either a mid-day snack or as a breakfast bowl. Personally, I prefer it as breakfast, especially in the summer. Combine that with a cup of coffee out in the sun and your golden! Funny thing, during the years 1935 to 1936, Santa Barbara’s mayor was actually named Edmund Oscar Hanson. Unfortunately, Santa Barbara historians have tagged Hanson as a crank, a crackpot, and a “dictator.” Apparently, Hanson declared a state of siege just minutes after being sworn in, dispatching in the dead of night a team of cops to City Hall to prevent duly appointed department heads from entering their offices the next morning. Moments before, Hanson had fired the chief of police and appointed in his stead a mere rookie patrol officer who would do his bidding. Let’s just hope that the name is the only thing I ever shared with him!


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