Oscar Hanson.

Hi there, my name is Oscar! Welcome to my website.

Here you will find my CV, some articles I have written, and ways of contacting me.


I pursue to work in an environment which actively works with disruptive technologies or innovations from a strategic point of view. Especially using the customer’s core capabilities and creating new offerings which would give them a competitive advantage in the market interests me a lot.

With my entrepreneurial mindset and an understanding of the power of good teamwork, I constantly strive to create an open working environment within the different teams that I work and engage in. Be that through a leadership role or through feeding a discussion with innovative ideas, whatever is needed for that specific team or project. I believe that the success of any team stems from gathering different peoples’ experiences, and working towards a common goal where I contribute with my experience and insights is how I like to generate value. I find that the most exciting thing about strategy work is the process of grasping a very complex reality, making something concrete from it, and developing a new idea that in my opinion is the best. That is something that really motivates me.

Conclusively, I strive to work in an environment where I can find expression for my personality. Under such conditions I push the limits, learn, and make progress.


Captario | Content Specialist | 2021 – Present

I currently work as a Content Specialist for Captario, a Swedish SaaS-tech company specializing in holistic modeling and optimization of drug development processes in the pharma industry. Reporting to the VP/Head of Marketing, my role includes guiding and developing content creation for the Captario brand. Further, the role requires me to research target audiences and industry trends, manage content creation by authoring, ghost-writing, collaborating with subject matter experts, and publishing and monitoring metrics for ongoing success. While based in Gothenburg, my work is focused towards the United States.

Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce | Business Development Associate | 2020 – 2021

Before joining Captario, I held the position of Business Development Associate at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce New England. The position, which was an internship, provided me with practical knowledge and experience in the field of business and entrepreneurship, whilst also teaching me about business relations in an international setting and their effects. During the internship, I was also in charge of the SACC-NE collaboration project together with the chambers of San Diego and San Francisco called Life Science Bridge, focusing on enhancing business collaboration in the life science sector.

Collector Bank Customer Service Agent 2016 – 2020

During my years as a student, I worked at Collector Bank as a Customer Service Agent. The job mainly focused on managing customer inquiries regarding factoring issues and handling loan applications or other loan-related issues. For the last two years, I was also entrusted with educating new employees in system management, customer interaction, and company-related problem-solving.

Larsson & Hanson Konferenciertjänster HB | Co-founder | 2019 – 2022

I have further started my own company, focusing on toastmaster services and banquette planning. Until closing, the company was entrusted by customers 15 times, with business stagnating during Covid-19, and has since 2020 been resting.


Gothenburg University | Master in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship | 2018 – 2020

During my Master’s program in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship, I focused my studies on a combination of theoretical knowledge together with practical experiences. Since the Master’s program was very business integrated, I got to be a part of several projects in collaboration with GU Ventures and run start-up processes for small start-up firms. The education mostly addressed the start-up phase, and the theoretical knowledge gained during class was then applied in start-up processes together with real start-ups, where we in all constructed/transformed whole company offerings.

Gothenburg University Bachelor in Business Administration | 2015 – 2018

During my Bachelor in Business Administration, I focused my studies on Management theory, whilst also reading courses in International Economics, Statistics, and Finance.

Brock University | Exchange Semester | Canada | 2017

During my exchange semester for my Bachelor’s degree in Management, I studied entrepreneurship and organizational behavior at Brock University (Canada, St. Catharines). While the semester was very educative, I especially gained knowledge in collaborating with people from other cultures, a great asset when working in a global organization.

Santa Barbara City College Certificate of Business | USA | 2013 – 2014

Right after High School, I spent one year at Santa Barbara City College (USA, California), studying Marketing, PR, and Business. Just like the exchange semester in Canada, the year provided me with both knowledges in the fields I studied, but also experience in living, working, and collaborating with people that are not set in the typical Swedish manner.