Oscar Hanson.


My name is Oscar Hanson, and I am excited to see that you have found my website!

I am a highly analytical and social individual, who enjoys solving problems. I have a strong work ethic, and I am committed to delivering quality results on time. I am a creative idea generator, a goal-oriented competitive person, and hold myself and others to high standards.

“Working with Oscar was a mutually beneficial relationship. He provided all the marketing support I could ask for awhile helping me grow as an author in collaborative projects. Oscar is an amazingly bright hard worker who is still willing to take direction while making sure to get the clarification required to get the job done right. I hope to collaborate with him again in the future.”

Dave Roberts, Captario

“I had the pleasure of having Oscar on my team for almost a year at The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New England and worked side-by-side with him on different projects and day-to-day tasks. I was particularly impressed by Oscar’s ability to juggle multiple projects and deliver new content ideas, which made a dramatic difference in helping our organization grow. He has a great work ethic and easily adjusts to any given situation with an eager-to-learn approach. He always brings a positive and energetic attitude and makes a memorable impact on the people he interacts with. Any employee would be lucky to have Oscar as a team member.

Sandra Spetz, President SACC New England


“I have experienced him as a very inspiring and energizing person. He has very good judgment and his work at Collector Bank has kept very good quality. Oscar is easy to work with and is solution-oriented.”

Fredrika Eineskog, Collector Bank

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