Oscar Hanson.


Hi there,

Glad to see you have found my website!


I am eager to work in an environment that actively engages with disruptive technologies and innovations from a strategic perspective. I am particularly interested in using customers’ core capabilities to create new offerings that provide them with a competitive advantage. This is something I have done previously both during my education and during my employment with the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce New England.

I find that the most exciting part about strategy work is the process of grasping complex reality, make something concrete from it, and develop a new idea. That is something that really motivates me.


With my entrepreneurial mindset and understanding of the power of good teamwork, I constantly strive to create an open environment within the different teams I work with. Be that through a leadership role or through feeding a discussion with innovative ideas; whatever is needed for that specific team or project. I believe that the success of any team stems from gathering different peoples’ experiences where everyone contribute with their experience and insights as we work towards a common goal. That is how I like to generate value.

I highly value the relationships I have with my co-workers, and think that any good performing metric can be traced down to the company culture, and I am committed to build a culture of collaboration and success.


As a person, I very much enjoy to be creative, and I try to incorporate this in everything I do. It is my standpoint that problems are only meant to be solved, and to do so you sometimes need to think creatively. The solution may not be as initially thought, but by being creative I can at least find a potential solution, rather than having no solution at all.


In conclusion, I am looking for an environment where I can thrive and make progress. I do that by pushing the limits and constantly trying to learn new things.

I also value the ability to have fun at work. I argue that business is always important, but never too important for the employees not to share some laughter every now and then.